The K Projects specializes in building construction, based in the township of Thembisa.


We take a holistic approach in providing tried and tested solutions to all our clients, paying special attention to the diversified needs and demands which are unique for each client.


We are dedicated to providing innovative and value adding services designed to deliver maximum benefit to both its corporate and individual clients. We are committed to offering specialized services to our potential and existing clients. We are dedicated to helping clients improve their profit and business targets by adding value and by delivering groundbreaking solutions meant to give the client a competitive edge. 


Our staff is able to respond to any inquiry either telephonically and in person and are expected to take an active role in strategy and policy formulation together with our prospective clients. This is in the spirit of delivering value adding services and meeting strategic needs for our clients.




To be the market leader in our market segment, providing integrated innovative and value-adding service for the emerging, middle and established corporates, companions, multinationals, individuals, public sector and parastatals.


To become a company which every business wants to do business with and a company where skill and innovation are the cornerstones to solution that give our customers the competitive edge they require to compete in the market.




To be a premier and first choice service provider.

To be a customer centered company providing value unparalleled to any other

To be a company with high moral standards and ethical business conduct working to earn trust - our word being our bond.




The K Projects specializes in renovations. Services include:


- tiling

- ceiling

- dry wall

- wall paper

- alterations

- demolition

- maintenance

- waterproofing

- interior and exterior painting